Kirin Kennels will care for and love your pet as much as you do.


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We want our clients to be comfortable leaving their pets with us. Our customers have commented about how clean our facility is and how their pets love our staff. When they return to pick up their pets, new clients are often surprised at the personal stories our staff can share with them about their animals. We feel that this clearly shows that our staff interacts with and loves your animals while you are away.

We have large, 40-foot runs, some of which are covered, for your pets to get plenty of exercise on those rainy or chilly days. Our facility also has smaller runs for those dogs that do not want, or need, the larger areas. Our staff will exercise your animal in the way that best suits his or her personality. If you have any special needs or requests please talk to one of our staff.

Kirin Kennels strives to give you peace of mind while you are away. We know that worry about your pet can ruin a perfect vacation, and we believe that you will be able to relax after visiting our kennels and seeing the wonderful treatment that we give to the pets in our care.

We give each animal in our kennel individual attention every day. The staff at Kirin Kennels knows that your pet misses you and their home. The best way to make them feel better is to show affection, ear rubs, conversation, treats and any special thing we can do.

We do adhere to special pick up and drop off hours. This is to keep the noise level down for the sake of our neighbors and our clients.

Hours for drop off and pick up are: 9-11 am. and 4-6 pm. Closed Sundays and all major holidays.

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